Motorola APX N30 Two-Way Smart Radio

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Single-Band P25 Portable Two-Way Radio

Easy. Efficient. Essential
Seamless communication from a sleek radio. Easy to use and simple to manage. The APX N30 single-band P25 portable radio connects your teams to reliable P25 radio networks with all the essential features they need and nothing that they don’t. The radio solution for mobile workers in public works, government services, education teams and other municipal roles looking for APX performance in a pared down, cost effective package.

Small and sleek, it’s a radio that’s easy to carry while being tough enough for use in harsh environments. ViQi Basic Voice Control, large controls and display make it simple to use on the go. And with loud and clear audio, crucial messages get through, even in noisy environments.

The APX N30 works reliably and securely across a variety of frequencies, modes and protocols. It connects seamlessly with accessories and other devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. With SmartConnect, it can even switch between radio coverage and Wi-Fi connections. Choose whether to program offline or optimize fleet management by programming them in batches to save valuable time and resources. With a portfolio of services and tech support, radios stay safe and reliable throughout their lifetime.

Expedite Radio Operation
A layout that expedites radio operation in the field. Classic large tactile controls, programmable buttons for quick access to favorite presets, a 2.4” front display with intuitive menus and a large keypad that prioritizes situational awareness and quick response.

Control With Your Voice
ViQi Basic Voice Control makes changing radio settings as simple as talking, with a touch of a button and simple and specific voice commands. Easily switch to the home channel or your favorite presets. Adjust the volume, change an audio profile, check battery, or scan multiple channels without taking your eyes off your surroundings.

Operate In Tough Conditions
Despite its size and simplicity, the APX N30 retains the built-in toughness of the APX line with a modern industrial design featuring familiar control placement and T-grip for easily holding in wet conditions. With an IP68 rating, submersible in up to 2 meters of water for 2 hours, and a design tested to military standards, it’s ready to operate safely and reliably in everyday environments.

Work Confidently
Loud and clear audio ensures crucial messages get through. Man Down/Fall Alert gives peace of mind to workers working in isolated conditions and a suite of accessories meets a variety of user needs and working environments.

Safety Doesn't Stop With The Radio
Extend the power and reliability of your radio with the only complete line of accessories designed, tested and certified for optimal performance with APX portables. Whether it's our industry-leading Remote Speaker Microphone with noise-canceling technology for loud, clear communications or a Mission Critical Wireless Bluetooth earpiece for secure, discreet conversations, our accessories are so comprehensive and flexible, you can trust them to work overtime with your APX radio.

IMPRES™ Smart Audio Accessories
Be clearly heard the first time and eliminate repeating yourself. Whether you need to talk loudly or quietly, into or away from the accessory, IMPRES Audio lowers the loud talker level and raises the soft talker level automatically so listeners do not have to adjust the volume depending on who is talking.

IMPRES Smart Energy System
Get the most out of every battery by eliminating the surprise of "low battery alerts." IMPRES chargers tell you exactly how much capacity is in an IMPRES battery before you attach it to your radio and exactly when an IMPRES battery has reached the end of service life.

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